Alligator Claw Back Scratcher

alligator claw back scratcherFor those looking into a truly novel and unique back scratcher (sometimes called a scratch-back), an alligator claw back scratcher could be exactly what you are looking for. It is now known how long alligator claws have been utilized for scratch-backs but for some, it has been a family business for generations. This is particularly true amongst alligator hunters who use every part of the captured prey so nothing goes to waste.

The design of an alligator claw back scratcher is generally the same amongst different manufacturers. One the foot has been removed it is put through a taxidermy and curing process, and then attached to a rod of some sort. The most common rod is made from wood. The style and quality of wood varies from intricate carved handles to plain unfinished wood dowels. Independent artisans found along the Gulf coast are known for their detailed wood whittling and often create beautifully carved claw scratchers that they sell predominantly to tourists and souvenir shops.

Where the alligator claws are sourced depends on the manufacturer of the scratchers. Some get their claws from the Cajun bayous of Louisiana while others source their supply from the Florida Everglades. These are the main two areas for the alligator population in the United States. The claws are generally cured and put through the taxidermy process all the same; however, the direction in which the claws curl vary from foot to foot so no two are exactly alike. This leads to truly one-of-a-kind back scratchers which are perfect for those seeking a unique novelty item to shock or wow friends and family.