Retractable Back Scratcher

retractable back scratcherHaving a back scratcher around the house is an ideal item that comes in handy when you have an itch you cannot reach by yourself. However, when you are out and about and the out-of-reach itch strikes, lugging around an 18 inch rod is not a viable option for many. Enter the retractable back scratcher. This item is a wonderful on-the-go product to have on hand and can be easily stored in a purse, pocket or glove box.

There are two main types of back scratchers that are retractable: telescoping and folding. The telescoping variety relies on a mechanic design where one piece slides out from another piece, thus creating a longer unit. Back scratchers utilizing this design typically have an uncovered mounted head piece as the back scratcher with a housing rod that holds the telescoping parts. They are also made of metal. Generally, these scratch-backs measure anywhere from five and a half to six inches long when closed and up to 18 inches when fully extended. This allows for the scratcher to relieve even the hard-to-reach back itches.

A folding retractable back scratcher is the other option available on the market today. These are typically made from bamboo and can be found in different aesthetic styles. The folding variety made completely of bamboo is an excellent choice for those seeking an environmentally-friendly alternative that has anti-fungal properties. Some manufacturers include plastic, so be sure to inspect the product carefully if you are looking for a completely natural product made from 100 percent bamboo.