Sexy Back Scratcher

sexy back scratcherBack scratchers (also known as a scratch-back) have been used throughout history as a means to relieve an itch that one could not reach on their own. It is thought that the Inuit were the first people to devise a back scratcher carved from teeth of a whale. Today we have literally hundreds of options when it comes to back scratchers, including more racy selections.

A sexy back scratcher can be used as a personal gift to you or it can be something that is shared between partners. When in the market for a back scratcher that is a little more on the adult side, there are a few different styles available today. Developed for men, a scratch-back with a lifelike female hand featuring long painted fingernails is considered erotic by some and is a convenient tool to have.

Another sexy back scratcher features a nude silhouette (male or female) attached at the end of a long handle. Most designs have either bristles or rounded wooden pegs attached to the underside of the silhouette which can be used just like a traditional back scratcher. These are popular gifts at a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Lastly, a combination scratcher and vibrating toy is yet one more option for those looking into buying a sexy back scratcher. This product usually comes with different heads, like fist or finger-shaped attachments. Many of these are battery operated but some can be found with corded power options. These can be used for your personal pleasure or with an intimate partner.